Interesting Recovery Photos - Apollo

This section is designed to show a small selection of the more colourful and interesting Recovery photos from Apollo. Click on any photo for a larger version.

Apollo 11

Mike Collins and Buzz Aldrin in the raft waving at Mike Mallory, who took the photo. Helo 66 is approaching to pick up Neil Armstrong (blocked from view by Collins’ arm)1

 Captain Carl Seiberlich in the Captain’s chair on the bridge awaiting the arrival of some dignitaries for the next day’s recovery1

Captain Carl Seiberlich and President Nixon shaking hands on the flight deck of the USS Hornet before the President boarded his helicopter and flew back to Johnston Island1

The recovery cruise when the ship crossed the equator and the ship held a ceremony for all the newbies1

Don “Doc” Stullken1

Don Stullken (in blue suit) and Jon Stonesifer (in grey suit, clapping hands) welcoming the Apollo 11 astronauts out of helo 66 as they transfer over to the MQF1

XO Captain Chris Lamb1

 Classic photo of 4 UDT guys who worked the spaceraft recovery – John Wolfram is on top (with applique flower on his wetsuit so his mom could spot him on TV). Mike Mallory and Wes Chesser are on the flotation collar while Decon swimmer Clancy Hatleberg is in the raft, having taken off his BIG suit and sunk it with the rest of the decon equipment. Moments after this photo, a shot line was fired from the ship to the CM to start the process of lifting the spacecraft out of the water.1

Apollo 12

CDR Warren Aut pilot of helo #66 from Apollo 121

CDR Charles B. Smiley plus CDR Warren Aut and CAPT Carl Seiberlich, taken during the Apollo 12 recovery. Chuck was CO of HS-4 and therefore had to be on our ship for the recovery, but chose to assign Aut as the Recovery Pilot since Chuck had done Apollo 10 already and would later do Apollo 13.1

 Photo shows Warren Aut, John Stonesifer and Chuck Smiley inspecting the spacecraft mission emblems on the side of helo #66. Stoney is “pointing out” that he had been involved with A8, A11 and A12 while Chuck is “claiming rights” to A10 and Warren is claiming A12.1

UDT BIG swimmer Ernie Jahncke and another NASA person have joined the Navy guys for a nice photo, with the command module Yankee Clipper in the background1

Captain Carl Seiberlich

 Photo was taken when he was 80, a few years before he passed away1


Apollo General

This is the MQF we have here on the USS Hornet Museum in SF1

1) Photos thanks to Bob Fish of the USS Hornet Museum

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